Congratulations to INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL for being WA FBLA’s February Chapter of the Month!

International Community School (ICS) FBLA cultivates an environment of success for its members. Each year their chapter prepares the Local Chapter Business Report for SBLC to maintain their chapters’ involvement. They’ve held virtual social events, panels, and workshops to build a culture of engagement and FBLA spirit within their chapter. However, during FBLA Week is when you can witness ICS FBLA Members truly exhibit their FBLA pride, where they organize a wide variety of activities from writing thank you notes to their regional and chapter advisers to fondly laughing over their FBLA memories together.

Combining ICS FBLA Chapter members’ irresistible spirit and business skills, they share their knowledge and passion with their entire school! Recognizing the challenges of COVID-19 for their school engagement, they virtually coordinated a chapter project where they recorded five videos on how to use business tools like Excel and PowerPoint. Each member from their chapter was involved in either scripting the videos, designing presentation slides, or speaking in the videos. With this creative project, ICS FBLA was able to reach their entire school community! They hope to continue their achievement of placing in Community Service at the 2021 NLE.

The International Community School FBLA is an exemplary example of how FBLA can change students’ lives. Their focus on their own chapter and local school community creates a strong culture of support and engagement.