Washington FBLA is developing the next generation of ethical business leaders

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Washington FBLA is committed to preparing today’s middle and high school students to become the business and community leaders of tomorrow. Over 5,000 students from 160 chapters around the state participate in events, conferences, and competitions.

Students gain critical business skills, complete community service projects, network with businesses, and learn the leadership skills that are in high demand in the workplace.

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I can say with 100% certainty that my entire collegiate and professional trajectory was changed by my involvement in FBLA. Not only did I learn 21st century skills that would benefit me in the workplace such as teamwork and critical thinking, but I also recognized the importance of servant leadership being at the heart of everything we do. This realization is what ultimately led me to find success in college and my place as a Teach for America Corps Member in San Antonio, Texas. My experiences in FBLA and the confidence that I gained through my involvement is never far from my mind in my daily interactions with my students. Everyone – regardless of their background – deserves to have a transformative CTSO opportunity like I did.


Washington FBLA is Leading the Future of Business


Role Play Testing Registration Deadline

February 10, 2021

SBLC Registration Deadline

March 10, 2021

State Business Leadership Conference

Date Coming Soon

National Leadership Conference

June 29 – July 2, 2021


November Member of the Month – Giuliana Argeris

Congratulations to Giuliana Argeris! Giuliana is a junior this year at Pope John Paul II High School and has been a member of FBLA for three years. Giuliana is an incredible asset to the Pope John Paul II FBLA team. Giuliana’s generosity with both her time and energy exemplifies the student-led aspect of FBLA. Her dedication and commitment to her chapter is outstanding [...]

October Member of the Month – Eesha Kunisetty

Congratulations to Eesha Kunisetty! Eesha is a junior this year at Tesla STEM High School and has been a member of FBLA for three years. Eesha is an incredible asset to the Tesla STEM FBLA team. Eesha has done an incredible job leading her chapter before and after Covid-19 by repeatedly stepping up to help others and meet deadlines. Last year Eesha served [...]

September Member of the Month – Emily Scrupps

Congratulations to Emily Scrupps! Emily is a junior this year at Odessa High School and has been a member of FBLA for three years. Emily is an incredible asset to the Odessa FBLA team. Emily has done an incredible job leading her team before and after Covid-19 by stepping up repeatedly to complete projects and meet deadlines for both SBLC and NLC. This [...]

March Chapter of the Month – Port Angeles High School

Congratulations to Port Angeles High School for being WA FBLA’s March Chapter of the Month! Port Angeles aims for success and professional growth throughout their FBLA year. Their officers are engaged in FBLA activities including Chapter Challenges, member recruitment, and the Business Achievement Awards. They have recently created a partnership with the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce as student board representatives, representing [...]



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