2023-2024 State Officer Team

Washington FBLA officers are elected by their peers at the State Business Leadership Conference and represent Washington’s membership. The State Officer team develops a program of work aligned to the strategic goals of Washington FBLA. Throughout the year the team interacts with the membership to implement and enhance our programs.

Washington FBLA State Officers are available to attend your events.

Meet The Team

Joanne Lin


Samara Wijesekera

Executive Vice President

Preeti Maroju


Katie Duong

Public Relations

Kennady Slater

Middle School Vice President

Michelle Li


Finn Mosher

Industry Relations Vice President

Aubrey Hegner

Capital Region Vice President

Micah Sandberg

North Central Region Vice President

Alex Swenson

Northeast Region Vice President

Hunter Sparrow

Northwest Region Vice President

Irene Lee

Puget Sound Region Vice President

Kai Lincoln

Southeast Region Vice President

Jeffrey Anton

Southwest Region Vice President

Advaith Vijayakumar

West Central Region Vice President

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