Washington FBLA Professional Division

The Washington FBLA Professional Division was formed to assure the success of Washington State FBLA by providing support for local chapter, regional, and State activities. Professional Division members support advisers and Chapters in a variety of ways–classroom speakers, internships, one-on-one career discussions–as well as judging at regional and state conferences, reviewing written event submissions, and sponsoring scholarships.

There are two categories of membership–Professional Membership and Associate Membership.  The Division’s goals are to provide a central repository of business knowledge, speakers, judges, and financial assistance.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Professional Division is to support and promote FBLA in bringing business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative career and leadership development programs.

Join The Professional Division

How Professional Division (PD) Members Help FBLA-PBL

  • Support a chapter and its activities

  • Serve as a liaison between business and classroom

  • Conduct workshops and share business knowledge

  • Mentor members as they prepare for competitive events

  • Judge at local, state, and national competitions

  • Coach students on internships, job interview skills
  • Assist chapters with fundraising projects

(PD) Board Of Directors

Darmeny Jones


Jackie Flotke

Past President

Keith Hannah

Vice President

Kathy Schmit


Judy Reynolds


Marcy Matthews

Delegate at Large

Terri King

Delegate at Large

Jackie Treat

Delegate at Large

Rebecca Pham

Delegate at Large

Dawne Schmidt

Membership Chair

Holli Ryan-Kalaleh

OSPI Liaison

Angela Stone

State Director

Carl E. Jonsson Scholarship

Washington State FBLA Professional Division will award one $1,000 scholarship to a qualifying student in recognition of outstanding achievement.

The Carl E. Jonsson Scholarship applications must be submitted by March 1 to be considered.

Praise For Washington FBLA

When I think back to significant events that shaped and influenced my life, I know that joining organizations like FBLA … have had some of the most far-reaching outcomes.
Carla Smith, Teacher Academy Coordinator-CTE
WA FBLA teaches you how to be confident in who you are as a leader and as a person. I’ve learned to speak in front of thousands when I used to shudder at the thought of speaking in front of two.
Alli Redd, Former WA FBLA President

How do you convince a student to join FBLA? When Mike Oechsner, the Executive Director for Washington State FBLA, was a freshman at W. F. West High School in Chehalis, WA, I mentioned in class that he should join FBLA. He asked why. My quick-thinking response was “you can type.”  That was all it took. Mike joined and was golden in every competition, he became the Southwest regional Vice President, and after various experiences with working with the State FBLA organization, he is employed by TRI Leadership Resources, LLC, and has taken over the leadership position for Washington. We are fortunate to have his leadership and I am indeed proud to have used those three profound words that convinced him to join.

Zoe Vandegrift, W. F. High School (Former Adviser)

FBLA gave me the opportunity to extend learning beyond the walls of my classroom and the rich, competitive event opportunities really motivated my students to sharpen their writing, speaking and presentation skills. I can’t tell you how much growth I personally witnessed in my students just from their first year of FBLA membership! In a word…INCREDIBLE! 

Keith Hannah, Fife Junior High School (Former Adviser)

I joined FBLA my freshman year. Since then I have never been happier. FBLA has been my safe place. It is an organization that uplifts members and gives praise for the little things. FBLA has helped me become a better person and has surrounded me with people who I consider forever friends.

Alyssa Kreg, Fife High School

FBLA has given me unbelievable experiences and opportunities over the years . . . .  I love FBLA and am so grateful for the organization.  I would not be the capable young service-minded leader I am today without FBLA.  I am very proud to be involved in such an incredible organization

Rebecca Fortner, Odessa High School

Invest in the Lives of Washington’s
Student Leaders