March Chapter of the Month – Marysville-Getchell High School


Congratulations to MARYSVILLE-GETCHELL HIGH SCHOOL for being WA FBLA’s March Chapter of the Month!

Marysville Getchell FBLA Chapter has been committed to its members’ success and wellbeing. Recognizing students’ struggles with a lack of socialization in the virtual environment, they held numerous socials and game nights to engage their members. To continue their usual strong bond, they included fun icebreakers in their virtual social calls, focusing on members’ mental health by creating designated times just to hang out! Marysville Getchell’s extraordinary chapter also continued in engaging in a myriad of FBLA’s programs! They’ve completed both Super Sweeps and Non-Stop November this year. Additionally, they’ve focused on engaging as many members as possible in completing the Chapter Challenges and BAAs. In order to network with other members and prepare for their future careers, Marysville Getchell FBLA even met with another local chapter, a national March of Dimes representative, and several alumni!

This year Marysville Getchell took an innovative approach to their commitment to community service! They completed extensive research to develop a contactless, COVID-safe project to serve their community. The officer team worked to plan a collection drive for their local foster care center, where members and the community could drop off items. Additionally, their chapter members worked together to write thank you notes to their local fire station. Marysville Getchell has shown that their chapter is committed to helping and positively impacting their community.

Marysville Getchell is a chapter brilliantly innovated to overcome the challenges of the virtual environment. They’ve focused on their members’ wellbeing and success throughout the year. WAFBLA is proud to award Marysville Getchell FBLA Chapter of the Month.