October Member of the Month: Colton Hunt

October Member of the Month: Colton Hunt

“Colton is the member every adviser dreams of having in her chapter” ~ Terri King, Odessa High School FBLA Adviser

Washington FBLA is excited to announce our October Member of the Month - congratulations to Colton Hunt, a senior from Odessa High School!

Currently in his fourth year of FBLA, Colton has consistently been a top competitor at the national level. He placed first in the nation in Business Ethics during his freshman year, and again in sophomore year for the Community Service Project. This past summer in Anaheim, Colton’s team gave a perfect Partnership with Business presentation scoring 100 points.

Not only does Colton excel in the competitive aspect of FBLA, he is a committed leader in service initiatives from the Odessa Chamber of Commerce to the Odessa 4-H. In Anaheim, Colton volunteered to work with Debby Dodge and Lead2Feed on the Salvation Army Hunger Drive. Regardless of the task, Colton is always the first to step up. His positive energy and strong work ethic serve as an inspiration to those in his chapter to get involved.

Outside of FBLA, Colton also serves as Odessa High School’s ASB President and captain of Odessa’s football team. Colton’s accomplishments and experiences truly set him apart as an outstanding member in Washington FBLA!