FBLA-PBL Impact Chapters Leadership History


Washington FBLA has a proud history of being one of the most successful FBLA state chapters in the country. In the last several years, Washington FBLA students have been recognized as National Champions, elected to National Officer positions, selected to Regional Executive Boards, and recognized for their excellence in FBLA programs. 


Washington FBLA is one of the largest CTSOs in the state.  In 2017, Washington FBLA had over 5,000 members in FBLA.

Key Facts

FBLA - What is it?

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a student-led organization that is an integral part of the business, information technology, and entrepreneurship education instructional program. FBLA offers enhanced opportunities to develop leadership and career skills to students who have an interest in the American Free Enterprise System.

FBLA chapters are located throughout Washington. These schools are part of a system of more than 6,000 local chapters throughout North America, Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) worldwide and growing base of chapters internationally.

FBLA is important to the individual student, the school, local businesses, and the community. In the past 30 years, FBLA members have raised over $20 million dollars in partnership with the March of Dimes.

FBLA has approximately 210,000 high school members and another 35,000 collegiate and middle school members worldwide, making it the largest and oldest student business organization in the world.

Who can belong to this energetic organization?

Any student who is has been enrolled in a business or business-related class can become a member of FBLA. In classrooms throughout the country, students and teachers form their own chapters, elect officers, and develop a Program of Work providing business leadership opportunities for student members. Because FBLA is a co-curricular Career Technical Student Organization endorsed by the U.S. and Washington Department of Education, teachers serve as chapter advisers integrating classroom learning and guiding chapter operations.

FBLA chapters are funded through a partnership of student, parent, school-based enterprises and community efforts along with public support through federal Perkins funds and state Career Technical Education grants.

Why is FBLA important to the business community?

FBLA members are encouraged to actively involve themselves in school and community projects. By doing so, they not only help improve their communities, but each member develops business leadership skills, strengthening their confidence and improving their understanding of the American Enterprise System. These experiences help FBLA members achieve their personal career goals.

Some FBLA chapters operate actual functioning businesses as part of their FBLA experience. This early experience in business and entrepreneurship makes education more hands-on and relevant and equips students with understanding, knowledge, and appreciation for the hard work, leadership, personal initiative, and teamwork it takes to be successful in business and in life.

Why are FBLA activities important to your school?

FBLA chapter activities contribute substantially to the primary purpose of school-- to develop well-educated citizens who have developed self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership ability and an understanding of the American Enterprise System. FBLA chapters provide a "showcase" for student achievement and progress, reflecting favorably on teachers, FBLA advisers, and school administration at both local and state levels.