How do I Promote FBLA and Effectively Recruit Members?

How do I Promote FBLA and Effectively Recruit Members?

So, you want to promote FBLA? Whether you are an adviser or a new member, you can actually help promote FBLA!

Future Business leaders of America is always looking for new members and will always welcome anyone with open arms. The following steps will give advice on how to expand membership and how to recruit members effectively.

Make the Readers Think!

Do you like being boring? Hopefully you said no; but if not, this article will help you start thinking creatively. If you want someone to read your posters, you need to think outside of the box. When I create posters for my local high school, I include a question or share an interesting fact.

An example of this could be . . . would you like to change the world? OR, did you know that FBLA members are 40% more likely to start businesses after high school?

Know what you are advertising.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of unsuccessful member recruitment speeches I’ve heard. You are probably wondering; well, why is that? The answer is, some members have a hard time explaining the benefits of FBLA clearly. It definitely affects the way the potential members see FBLA. A great place to start is to share your thoughts and experiences with the potential members. Remember that positivity encourages positivity.

It’s alright to have fun, but keep it professional!

One of the best parts of being a full-time high school student is spending time with friends and participating in activities. I understand most of you that are reading this are most likely high school students. I think it’s great to have fun sometimes but when it comes to promoting not only FBLA but any organization, a reputation means everything. So, when promoting yourself or the organization, keep it professional. I find that being professional in many situations will not only create respect for yourself but your organization as well. FBLA has created a legacy, so it’s a great idea to share that legacy with potential members; it’s also very important that you continue to keep the legacy alive.

Don’t forget about social media!

Everyone uses some sort of social media platform—it’s now part of our everyday life. So, the question is, how do I effectively use social media to promote FBLA? It’s very simple and everyone who has an Internet connection can do it. The great part is, it doesn’t cost any money. You can start by creating several different social media platforms.

Instagram and Facebook are the two platforms I recommend. Once you have your social media accounts created make sure your adviser approves them. After approval start posting about anything and everything related to your organization, please keep in mind to keep the accounts appropriate. Your adviser should approve all of your posts before you share them with the rest of the world. Once the community and the potential new members see what your organization has been doing, they will be more likely to support you and potentially join.

If you apply these tactics and show the world the greatness of FBLA, your membership will increase, but the key is to not give up. As always stay positive and good luck recruiting.